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Eureco Pharma holds all GMP- and GDP permits.

From our foundation, we have operated as an independent company in the pharmaceutical import market. We are considered to be the specialist in importing pharmaceuticals from all countries in the EEC and abroad. Our headquarters is located in Ridderkerk, near Rotterdam, where we can also prepare the pharmaceuticals for various sectors within the market if necessary. Our distribution organisation is located in Venlo. The pharmaceuticals we import are distributed via our own marketing and distribution network to hospitals and wholesalers in the Netherlands. We can process the full range of regulatory issues in-house, in order to comply with the latest legislation and regulations.

(Parallel) import

We are currently the largest (parallel) importer of pharmaceuticals for Dutch hospitals. Our focus is primarily on the hospital market, but we also have a large share of the local pharmacy channel via all of the major pharmaceutical wholesalers. In addition to importing (parallel) products from countries within Europe, we are rapidly expanding our portfolio by purchasing directly from manufacturers world-wide.
We never lose sight of the end user; the patient. The most important and challenging aspect of our work is finding the balance in meeting the needs of the client, the organisations, and the suppliers. We think in terms of long-term relationships with our partners and stakeholders.

The result of our combined efforts can be decisive for the common goals that we work to achieve.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in entering into such a partnership.

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  • We are a major player with the largest market share in the intramural parallel market.
  • We have many years of experience in the intramural and extramural markets in the Netherlands.
  • Thanks to the integrated system linking our locations, we can respond quickly in order to optimally coordinate supply and demand.


  • We help to reduce health care costs by joining you in the search for medications for a lower price or greater availability.
  • One important element of our day-to-day work involves enhancing the safety and efficiency of the entire chain.
  • As an independent Dutch company, we offer an impartial, flexible, and open perspective on your pharmaceutical options.
  • We would be happy to take on the challenge of finding the best solution for you.