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Affordable and accessible pharmaceutical care for your patient.

We help you achieve that goal by joining you in searching for products for parallel import to the Netherlands. In so doing, we would be happy to expand our product selection.

Are you curious about our selection, or the savings that your orders have realised? You can find the information you’re looking for in your personal portal.


Medication safety is extremely important. We would be happy to brainstorm together with you on how to guarantee that safety.

2D matrix

As one of the few pharmaceutical suppliers in the market, we can apply the 2D matrix to almost all primary packaging. This makes it possible to scan and control the patient’s medication in preparation or at the bedside.


Ook bieden we de mogelijkheid om etiketten te gebruiken die reflecteren in het donker. Dit vermindert de kans op leesfouten in slecht verlichte situaties drastisch.